Here is a dumbell routine which works the chest, the biceps and the legs. With dumbells you can build a solid, leaner, and more muscular physique conveniently and cheaply.

1. Chest.

You will want to lay flat on a bench and bring the dumbells up so your palms are facing each other. Then, slowly lower the dumbells with your elbows slightly bent until you feel a strong stretch in your chest. Then bring the dumbells back up. This motion is similar to hugging someone. Your imagine your arms slowly wrapping around someone until the two dumbells touch.

2. Biceps.

Standing hammer curls are great bicep builders and very easy to perform. You stand with your feet shoulder length apart, dumbells to your side with palms facing your thighs. Then simply raise one dumbell up, working the bicep muscle, then slowly lowering it and repeating the same thing with the other arm.

Focus on just raising your forearm all the way up with this movement. Isolate your upper arm from the elbow up, and just raise the forearm. This isolates the bicep muscle and forces it to do the work, thus building it up stronger and larger.

3. Lunges for legs.

While standing with both dumbells at your sides, simply extend one leg forward and bend down, keeping your back straight. Try touching your knee of the other leg to the ground. Then rise back up and repeat with the other leg. These are great quad builders. You can perform them stationary or you do walking lunges.

Dumbell routines are excellent, easy, and extremely cheap ways to get effective, muscle building and leaning effects on your body. To learn more dumbell routines check out a dumbell online manual which will provide every effective routine available.

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