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Purple roses left a hook right punch, boxing without leaving traces, almost equal to Li Xiaoran, Li Xiaoran face angry, "you can not stop me blunt!"
"Oh" purple rose Lengheng soon, not only did not stop the hands of the action, but more violent. Li Xiaoran scolded, "yeezy boots You play yourself, I have the task!" Then find the opportunity to run.

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"Want to run back to me." Purple rose out of his palm to his back clothes to catch, Li Xiaoran upper body bent forward about the body, so purple roses caught empty, hey smiles: "You can not, you also Far away, I go first, thanks! "The voice is not going to give her any chance to leave quickly. Only the purple rose in the angry cluster.

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In a small city under the jurisdiction of Kyoto, Ye Chen has been accompanied by Bai Xinya, this time he met with care for everyone, so that others see both envy and jealousy, envy Bai Xinya can meet such a good man, jealousy I did not find such a husband, heard Ye Chen heart funny, a look of bad smile to see the white Xinya, "you look at other people on my evaluation, how can you not to other women have some ideas?
Bai Xinya twisted his head to the side, Ye Chen deliberately leaned over her face, "I asked you, now you hate me?"
Listening to the white Xinya body startled, and my heart is not consciously smile, "Oh, hate, they also do not know, before he hated him, and he can stay with it sometimes can not wait him, do not The woman 's heart is really water to do it? More and more soft! "See her silent, Ye Chen clean up things," these two days we go back, with me back to Kyoto!

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"I do not, I will not go with you! With it back to that sad place, as I and my children in this poor rural skin free!" Ye Chen stopped the hands of the live, brought back her chin, "Are you sure you will not go back?"
"I said, I will not leave you!"

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Put down her chin, "Well, you do not leave, I take the child to leave, my son I let the piano sister to help me take care!" Hear him say piano sister, white Xinya heart can not tell the taste, "Is this Is it love? Why do you hear him mention the other woman, his heart will be so sad, sad? "His face deliberately pretend to look very indifferent," my son I will take care of, do not need other women to me ! "
Although she pretended not to care, but her voice Ye Chen has heard a very strong jealousy, smiled and said: "You are jealous?
Ye Chen touched his nose, "I heard you out of your heart there is a very strong jealousy, if you fell in love with me straight to say, not so embarrassed, because I have confidence in myself, you have fallen in love with Me! "Bai Xinya heard his words, to speak his own heart, shame angry shouted:" roll, shameless, too narcissistic! "

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"Gee ... ..., a joke put you shame into such a good, well, and calm down, I do not want my son to eat when he eat his mother's milk!"adidas yeezy boost 350 Ye Chen Gang mentioned feeding, She had a little bit of crying in her arms. "Really father and son with heart ah, really my Ye Chen's good son, it will cooperate! Gee ... ..."
Bai Xinya shy anger extremely, holding his son in his arms swinging, but how coaxed coax, see Ye Chen burst of helpless, "he was hungry, loss you still do the mother, even my son hungry you do not know , Hurry to feed him milk! "

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Bai Xinya heard him say this, embarrassing shy red face more than two red rhyme, would like to feed his milk, but Ye Chen this big devil in this simply do not let go, not to mention feeding, and see Look at Ye Chen, cheeks blush, "you ... you go out!"
Look at her shy look, Ye Chen touched the nose Yin laughed: "is not seen, what is so shy!" Then turned to the back of her, "Well, you quickly feed my son Milk, I do not see it! "See him turn around, he was worried, but the child has been crying, in the heart could not bear, had to set off the clothes slowly, fed up, baby mouth so she was whole body soft , Cheeks more permeable, like a sunset, as she wholeheartedly fed the child, Ye Chen look grin turned around, all of a sudden look clearly, so that the white Xinya his shame and anger The
Evil came to her side, watching his son that mouth strong, "Gee, or so white and tender!" Watching him involuntarily want to touch one, was Bai Xinya stopped, "roll!
Ye Chen touched the nose, "roll what roll, my son in how I roll?" Said her kiss on the face, so that is feeding the child's white Xinya unable to stop.

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In the Ye Chen molested her time, Kyoto, He Tianxiang, Hua Liangping, cold days of the three are preparing staff ready to take advantage of Ye Chen is not to solve Ye Chen around people, "hey, this time we bring so many people, They resolved, cold mayor, you expensive for the mayor I said do not have such trouble, you ordered the arrest of them not on the line!
Cold weather look angry, "you think I do not want? I had arrested them before, but was the party secretary Shangguan Ye put, and he also clearly pointed out that let me stop the Ye Chen's blow, but I will not stop, kill My son, I hate to report anyway! "
Huaying flat scratching the neck, "the leaves of the nobility is really involved, even the party secretary are drawn in, and we must make them look good tonight, my arm, I see every time I think of that night Scenes, pain heart like a knife! "
"Well you two, do not grumble, and righteousness, for tonight to solve the people around him, as for him, we sent someone to inquire about to see him in the end where? Or missing was done! "The two nodded, more hard to prepare for tonight's action.
Ye Chen at this time molested white Xinya, Bai Xinya was his molested face shy anger, but there is no way. See her own molested changes in the body, Ye Chen said with satisfaction: "You do not go back with me how to do it? I Kyoto a lot of things need me to deal with it!
"I've always had a question to ask you," he said. "I've always had to ask you," he said. "I've always had to ask you. Did not want to talk to him, but ultimately can not bear the curiosity asked out.
Ye Chen mouth up, "I would like to say that my three strokes to play the mouth spit foaming you believe it?
Bai Xinya heard his lying, sneer, others do not know the strength of the strength of the day he is clear, in front of this demon three strokes to play his mouth foaming, killing her she does not believe, "Oh, you do not Give yourself the price, his strength I am very clear, to talk about skill, you are not his opponent, unless you bet about the other!
"Ye? You do not believe your child's Laozi?" Ye Chen micro-looked at her eyes, Bai Xinya was his whole body uncomfortable, looking at his demon eyes, like a tiger wolf general , People can not see the shock of the shock.
Bai Xinya bowed his head no longer look at him, Ye Chen know his eyes sharp, eyes and immediately changed,yeezy 350 looked at her, "you can not go back, I give you to the father and son to buy three villas, You have a good life in this calm, but at the age of 10, I will take him to learn the ability, before he was 10 years old, after 10 years of his life I decided!
Listen to him, Bai Xinya looked at him, "Why? My son I will not let him leave me!"e exactly the same, I am now extraordinary, he is not ordinary where to go! "For his words, Bai Xinya listen and ignore, Ye Chen is also used to her attitude, no longer say her what.
Ye Chen posted to her earlobe, "Why? I was his Lao Tzu!" Then gently picked up the baby in her arms, watching the innocent smile, "see no? This little thing Childhood with m
Time sub-seconds seconds in the past, Kyoto Oriental Pearl has ushered in a number of uninvited guest, He Tianxiang, Hua Liang Ping and cold days to send people, one by one arrogant, straight east pearl, the door security to see, quickly picked up the radio call , Not a moment of effort, the Oriental Pearl door gathered forty or fifty people quietly waiting for their approach.
"Naked brothers, here is what they say where!" One of them saw the signs of the Oriental Pearl shouted, he would like to take this opportunity to get four less reuse, so he desperate forward, behind hundreds of People hear his cries all excited, loudly.
"Damn, this group of 2b, to find fault is also so confident, you go to tell their brother, we are probably not their opponents!"
"Okay!" The other man heard the departure.
Speaking of the occasion they have approached the Oriental Pearl, "Damn, you come to find the crop is also so arrogant, loud high language is not afraid to recruit the police?" A security sneer.
"Haha ... ... the police do not come to the police today, no matter how much life here, how many people died, the police will not come, because they have received the order of the cold mayor, cold mayor cold desert you Do you know that the mayor, the cold mayor of the various regions of the country!
The security guard heard his show off, disdain, "What is the cold weather? He is so cattle his son is not dead yet? Even if he is the mayor, he is not our opponent!
"Grass, you find death, so dare to ignore the mayor, you also offended the three forces, one is the mayor, one is Yueda Group, less, there is one is what the number of children, *** four less you Offended two less, this Kyoto did not you after the too! "
"Do not you look at who is not too far! Damn, nigga, this group of long-term slaves to find fault, we give them some gifts today to let them go back!" The security shouted, behind dozens of people sound go along.
"Grass, you court death, brothers, give me, kill them!" I saw the man took the lead in the security attack, behind hundreds of people also followed to this group of security attack. This group of security to see them arrogant, all angry, Dianqi from the hands of the sticks of resistance, for a while, the two poles handed over.
Only to see that the head of the fault finding people hehe laughed: "how? Not enough? Just not quite Ting it? Now how to shrink the people shrink all right, as long as the brothers do not shrink on the line, if the brothers that shrink you Life is finished, ha ha ... ... "waves of laughter sprint those nerves of the security, mess with them all angry.
"Damn, you go to die!" Can not bear the insult he said that the security of the words directly to the hands of the electric batons to his head to fight, that the fault of the leader of the moment, the head was severely A bit of a blow, that moment head dizziness, can not tell the reality and fantasy, do not know things north and south, bang when the head, crumbling, behind the group of people see, "Big Brother, Big Brother, you nothing,black yeezys big brother ... ..."
Let them how to shout, but he still wood reaction, so that a group of younger brother behind anxious, that security guarded electric stick, sneered: "how to suffer a stick to die? Cowardry! "Speaking time to the ground spit mouth saliva.
"Grass, what do you say? Who is the cowardly?" Another one who took the lead in finding fault those who swear.
"I said, you a group of cowardice, just not quite kind of Joseph? You look at your big brother this will be doing? Bump when the head in the same with the fool! Haha ... ..." In exchange for this One side of the loud joke.
In the security of these people joke about them, Zhou Dong fat two people came to their side, Zhou Dong wrink the forehead, "Who are they?
That security guard immediately, "East Columbia, the bang who in front of the head said they are the cold mayor and Kyoto *** four small in the less, what sent!
Zhou Dong looked at the bang of the head of the man, a step by step in the past, pull up his collar, "they sent it? They still do not change, give them a chance two times, and now is not Close hand, since you are sent by him, we can not let them down. "Zhou said he waved his fist to his abdomen to play.
The pain of the leader face pale, suddenly sober a lot, his mouth humming, his face exposed cold sweat, Zhou Dong looked at him, "taste how? We are not a vegetable market, not you come to say, go Go away! "
Other people hear him, his face angry, "Damn, who do you think you are? You offend three people are in power in Kyoto, a mayor enough you drink a pot, let alone there ***, how do you die I'm afraid you do not know. "Another person clamoring watching Zhou and fat and those security.
Fat man disdain sneer, "my grandmother, but you do these dog legs? Also want to find fault in my Oriental pearl? Do not say you, that is, your mouth of the cold mayor's son are our solution, your heart that monstrous power And there are two of us who have been broken by us, are they not saying to you before you are sent to you? Did not you say our terror?
"What ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
For those of them look, fat disdain, Zhou Dong looked at his face frowned pale man, "Since the time to leave a memory!" He said a meal, adidas yeezy boost behind the people to see them The big brother was tortured so heavy who did not dare to come forward to rescue, let him torture his big brother.
"Grass, you kind of killed me!" The leader could no longer bear his torture, and loudly roar, this time by the electric stick hit the head was also the stomach came the pain sober!
Zhou Dongyin laughed, "want to die is very simple, but before I die let you enjoy the thrill of death, or how worthy of your today's finding fault?" Zhou Dong hand Qiazhao his neck, one hand in his stomach Beaten until the leading population spit foaming.
Saw his mouth spit out the white foam, Zhou Dong a hand from his neck quickly moved away, lest his white hair stained his hand, in his hand on the occasion of the move, a flip his body back Facing himself, a heavy blow to his hammer lying on the ground.
"What is the taste? And there, do not worry, I step by step, you step by step to enjoy!" Said Zhou Dong foot in his neck step on the mud, one hand to a security hand electric stick, The lifting stick slammed down his back.
Suddenly heard only "ah, ah," screams, Zhou Dong Hey smile, aimed at his back ribs, put a pair of golf posture, severely hit him in the body.
"Ah!" And another ghost crying screams, only to see his pain intolerable, his mouth cursed, "I grass Niema!
"Hey, scold me, scold you, you scold me I interrupted you a rib, the more you call me the more playing, until you do not curse so far." That man heard the raging skyrocketing, "you ... ... you demon What do you do to me today, I will not let you die!
He heard his angry curse, Zhou looked at him, scornfully laughed, no longer speak, continue to lift the hands of the electric stick has been playing toward his back, every time a heavy blow to make lying The man screaming on the ground until his tired sweating, only to gradually stop the hands of the electric stick, wipe the tears, "This is what you comfortable more!" Then looked at him.
Waiting for a long time did not see him back, Zhou Dong wonder, turned him about the body, yeezy boost 350 turned his face over, only to see a look of anger, facial grim, eyes stare, the body was no response, Zhou Dong beat A moment of his cheek, "Hey, this time you Shuangsi it, Hey ... ..."
Zhou Dong "Hey" for a long time did not see his body move about, "I rely on, will not die? So without playing? I knew I started a little light!
Others see their boss was beaten by his own side of the people did not dare to block up, can only watch him beat their big brother, when they hear their boss died, all face ugly, looking Pale and weak, anger looked at them a group of Zhou Dong.
Zhou Dong looked at their anger, counseling counseling shoulder, "can not blame me, is your boss without playing!" The group of people angry eyes wide open, want to siege potential, but also by the horrible eyes of Zhou Dong scared Go back, "how? Would like to revenge? Today you who come up is the next one of the end of the people!" Said pointing to the ground by their own beat dead body.
Angrily looked at the body of the ground, resentment looked at the big brother who killed them Zhoudong, Zhou Dong see their hatred of their eyes, turn a blind eye, "I let you today, with your brother's body rolled back, but you To the body to the cold desert, Hua Liangping, He Tianxiang three eyes, I want them to see us to provoke us to find our crop of the end!
A group of people was frightened by his momentum quickly back two steps, looking at his cold momentum, one by one lost, holding the body of the boss, Resentment looked at Zhou Dong they want to revenge for their own big brother There is no courage before, and looked at the collapse of hundreds of people, the spirit of the lost left. Walking when the eyes are still fiercely staring at Zhoudong, fat group of people.
"When do I say you become so vicious?" Asked the fat man.

yeezy boost 350
Zhou Dong wry smile, "is not with you to learn, and I am far worse than you!" Fat white one of him, "I and seven nights they are far worse!" Turned around the security said: "You put Door sweep! "Finished and Zhou Dong walked into the Oriental Pearl.
"Grandma, this thing can not be dragged later, you look at this a few days of effort, find the door so many times, if we do not fight back that they are more insatiable, tomorrow I will take a direct attack!" Fat personality impatient, Chanted in front of Zhou Dong.
"You do not so impatient, the boss said before leaving, this matter to deal with Xiao Ran solution, you impatient useless!" Speaking of boss, fat wanted to cry, "you said where he went to the boss, so long Do not say back, and how he gave everything to Xiao Ran, seven nights they always let me with them!
Zhou Dong heard him complain, looked at him, "you this character, your temper, give you quasi-bad things, yeezy 350 the boss does not give you is not you do not trust your ability, but your character is too impatient, impatient So that you will let go of the heart of the unwilling to cooperate with Xiao Ran of the task it! Tomorrow I told Xiao Ran this thing, I believe he will solve as soon as possible!
"Give me, I can do it!" Fat mouth muttering a sentence to leave.
The next day!
The group of people with their big brother's body in accordance with the words of Zhou Dong came to the front of He Tianxiang, looking at the body of He Tianshen surprised a moment, can not believe, abruptly all the people to interrupt the ribs, died. Mouth twitching, his face angry, "this ... ... this is what they do?
Only to see those people exposed to anger, "yes! They say ... ... say ... ..."
He Tianxiang looked at them, "said what?
"They said ... ... cold mayor son is they killed, and said ... ... you repeatedly find fault, provoke their bottom line, and this is the lesson, and then the next time they want to Ho, The Chinese and the cold mayor directly exterminate! "The words of the people deliberately add oil and vinegar said ruthless, their brother's death is in front of this man caused, so he deliberately add oil and vinegar words to anger this guy's son, let him A hard lesson to kill their big brother.
He Tianxiang heard his words, "haha ... ..." do not consciously laughed loudly, "so rampant, but also not afraid of flashing tongue!" Having said anger left. Looked at his departure, those eyes flashing sinister look, no longer speak, also followed to leave.
Ye Chen saw her surprised expression, smiled and said: "As for? Area five million you are so surprised? Take these money to enjoy the fun of the material to enjoy it, remember, I will never let You are short of money! "
Watching Ye Chen look to his eyes, little woman's tears flow out, in front of this man, he finally did not have to work hard for life, because his appearance so that at this time they finally had a trace of a sense of ease, cry Smile to the leaves of the chest on the paste to go.
"The first two days that woman came to you doing?" Music extremely sad Wang Yuqin asked.
"That mad woman ah? Nothing, she took me to see the two old man, talking about the old man I came to the gas, dare to investigate me behind!
Hear Ye Chen to see the elderly, Wang Yuqin heart but how are not happy, adidas yeezy boost although the face did not show unhappy look, but not hiding a see through the heart of Ye Chen.
"Do not worry, piano sister, you will always be my most care about the woman, in my eyes, do not allow any one to hurt you, no one exception!
Wang Yuqin tightly around his back, "although I know you are not alone I can own, I only hope that I can have a place in your heart, okay?
Ye Chen Wang Yuqin see that pitiful look, nodded his head to her forehead on a pro, a man moving the truth of the woman, the heart is always so fragile!
Two days have passed, the bloodthirsty hall of the people but can not find their own sent out of the person, which makes the general big angrily.
"People have not yet found?" Only to hear a majestic voice sounded.
"Lord of the Lord ... ..., did not find, sent a lot of brothers to find, no news." A small myself standing head down there.
"A group of waste, find someone can not find!"
Next to the thunderbolt sneer, "I see Bacheng is ... ..."
"You shut up, thunderbolt days, where you do not speak, you no longer believe that I do not believe you kill you?" Hu Guang heard Lei tyrants in the next day that sarcastic remarks, angrily.

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"Well, Huguang, I have said before, maybe you will be the next to the bloodthirsty hall to help me with the green snake to help you now understand his terrible right? You are too confident of their own men!
Hu Guang heard Lei Pa Tian, ​​then turned to the name of the small myself said: "go, at all costs to my brother to find out, to see people die to see the corpse, I do not believe he really died!"
"Well, my advice you do not listen, and now know his powerful, right? To deal with him, only from the woman around him!" Lei Pa days continue to fight Hu Guang.
Angry in the Huguang see Lei Pa days that pride, "thunder tyrants, but to see you in your brother's sake, lying in front of me is a corpse, I sent my brother to solve him , I thought that with my brother's skill, easy to complete the matter, but did not expect but also harm him!
"I have long said that he is not a fuel - efficient lamp, to kill him, unless the first woman from his side to start, or you simply can not close his body.
"Mahler a child, I really do not believe he has you say so God?" Hu Guangyin Shen's face scolded.
At this time, a servant went to Hu Guang front, close with a few words, only to see Hu Guang face look surprised.
"Thunder boss, I still have a little private matter, not here to accompany you." Then walked toward the door.
"Are you sent by Secretary Su?"

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"Yes, Hu boss, I came here is for the Secretary to tell you a word,adidas yeezy he wanted me to kill his brother-in-law Lei Day."
Hu Guang heard his words, his face was shocked, "Oh? Su Juchang to do his brother-in-law? It seems that this thunderbolt is now really exhausted, and even his brother did not let him, ha ha ... ... back for me "I'm busy with this," he said.
Looked at the departure of the message, facing the side of the people said: "Lei Pa Tian 's life do not control, keep him on our bloodthirsty hall is useless, to sell his Su Yu Dong a favor it.
At this time the thunderbolt day in the room meditation, are for their own nephew, in order to find their face for the final, but put their own hand set up the green snake to help, their hiding in the lower three in the other people's eaves Under the blessing, are Su Yu-dong harm, and now their own collapse, his brother who even went for their own career to stand by, the more the more gas, more gas more angry.
Night of the bloodthirsty hall, dark night, in addition to the alarm clock ticks and branches of the swing students, surrounded by a silence, in a transparent light room, saw a shadow walked around, line color panic, chaos, "No, I can not do nothing in this, with the death of the bloodthirsty hall in this kill Ye Chen, might as well rely on their own." Touched the forehead hammer twice, "Yes, that dream hotel, mosquito told me before, Two women and he walked very close, one of which is the hotel owner, I put the hotel bombed, I do not believe they can survive? I was dead to pull them and my companions.
As he planned, he heard the sound of the footsteps at the door, "Who?"
A seemingly insidious person, opened the door, smiling and looked back and forth to move the thunderbolt days.
"What are you doing so late?"
"You really big, did not do the last time, this time I see who can save you?" Looked at the chaos of the minefield days disdain smile.
"This is the bloodthirsty hall here, you kill me, you can not get out."
"Is it right? Look at your protection of God will not protect your life!" Said directly toward the minefield days forced to go.
Lei Pa days feel bad, easily touched a next side of an iron bar, watching him step by step approaching himself, the heart is full of fear.
Just as he went to his side, Lei Pa Tian pushed down the side of the chair, yeezy boost 350 to block his approach, while the room turned a variety of furniture, while the door ran.
Looked at Lei Pa days of confusion, a look of Yin Xiao, "You run it?" Chase up.
"Who are you sending me?"
"Do not blame me, to blame themselves too naive, dare to threaten the deputy director of Kyoto."
"He turned out to hear his brother-in-law to kill him, not anger laugh, bow self-deprecating," loss I also privately for him to do it? So many things, he should kill me to kill! Oh ... ... ".
"Since you know who the employer is, then you will be at ease!
"I want to kill you I am afraid you have to pay a price, come!" Lei Pa days from the hands of the iron stick holding the swing.
I saw the man evil smile, walked quickly, raised his hands dagger straight poke his abdomen, Lei Pa days to see the hands of the iron stick waved, interrupted the way dagger. Saw a dagger in his hands a bit turn around, but also change the direction of the thunderbolt to the thunderbolt days, mine hegemony heavenly obesity, slowly turned the body, in his turn that moment, dagger pierced his arm, Blood drops through the sleeves of the sleeves.
Lei Pa days looked at his arms, biting teeth endured pain, "Oh, you are too compelled, I will die will fight my old life to pull you into the water.
"Unfortunately, you do not have this opportunity." Then talking to him onslaught, the hands of the knife to turn back and forth, to see the mine towering dazzling. In his absence, the dagger has come to his abdomen, a knife into the.
Lei tyrants Mangheng soon, standing there, eyes wide stare, not willing eyes, his face angry.
The knife in his abdomen into and out of six or seven knives, until the thunderbolt fell down, only to stop his stab. Looked at the big eyes stare Leibao days, spit mouth saliva, go away.
"Secretary, things have been completed, Lei Pa days dead!" The man came directly to a villa room.
"He knows that I am too much secret, so he must die, not only he is going to die, and ... and you must die!" Suyu Dong instantly took out a With a silencer directly hit his heart.
I saw the man hum, watching himself was the bullet to get through the heart, incredible look, fingers of the Soviet Union, the mouth of the mouth of the mouth of the words, "you ... ..." did not finish inverted.
"Do not blame me, I will not allow anyone to threaten me!" Go to the corpses, picked up a sack to put the body into the car directly to leave the villa.
The next day morning, the bloodthirsty hall of the people found the body of the thunderbolt, immediately informed the main hall Hu Guang, Hu Guang received the news came directly to the scene, watching his body, sneered: "Oh If you die, you die your green snake to help all the field where I take over for you, you worry, I will help you kill Ye Chen, to regain your Oriental Pearl and that the The bar, haha ​​... ... "next to a little brother," you go, put the body to the Secretary of the Secretary adidas yeezy boost 350 for the Soviet Union, let him see, so that he was disturbed.
"Yes, the Lord!"
"Come on, call some niggaz, you go to the bar at night to see where it is now, haha ​​... ..." Hu Guang hearty laugh.
Villa, a corpse appeared in the face of Su Yu Dong and obese ladies, obese ladies to see their big brother lying on the ground, the pain wailing, next to the Soviet Union Yu is indifferent. Suddenly, he lost two of the most pro-people, one is the son, the other is his own brother, so that the whole day pampered her high hit.
Su Yu Dong to see her grief look, comfort: "Well, people can not resurrection, let brother go all the way!"
Watching his own brother, obese lady clutching his husband's arm, "son did not, brother also left, I live what else mean? I must kill Ye Chen, do not kill her I wasted!"
"Ye Chen I must have to kill, but before he killed me need to plan a plan, otherwise it is difficult to succeed."
Obese lady no longer speak, silly look at the brother of the body crying.