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New Arrivals

"How could ... be more than one!"
"Who is it?"
Speaking of people, the sound is trembling.
All the phone screen are lit up, everyone looked frightened around the people, fear of a strange face in front.
Familiar with the efforts to move closer together, trembling around the trembling.
At this time, everyone finally sure that more than a person, it is not far from that corner.
"Who are you?"
"Are you a man ghost?"
Living in the mysterious bronze giant coffin, louboutin shoes what evil things are possible, the presence of all the people extremely disturbed.
Heavy cough sound from the dark corner of the out, that dark shadow moved the body, and then a low and hoarse voice, said: "ghost ... ... ghost ... ..."
Hoarse voice echoed in the bronze coffin, at this moment, everyone felt cool from the head to the feet, cold hair are erected up, a gentle chill filled.
Everyone falling like an ice cellar, a lot of people are cold, some female students is a harsh screaming, loudly crying up, almost fast limp on the ground.
"Ghost ... ... place ... ..." The voice is slightly weak, you can feel the shadow is very tired, he shook the body want to stand up.
"Really ... ... ghost place, we are ... ... in the copper coffin?" The corner of the silence slowly stood up, out of this slightly confused question, the voice gradually become strong up.
To see that tall shadow stood up, many people can not help but recede.
Shadow side to move to the side while continuing to speak, said: "I am, Pang Bo.
"Stop, do not come!" Everyone raised his cell phone, with a weak light, staring forward.
Ye Fan separated everyone, slowly walked up and said: "You really is Pang Bo?
"Even my voice can not hear it?" The dark phone screen in the dark light, a familiar figure holding the phone in front, thick eyebrows big eyes, physically strong.
Pang Bo is the best friend of the University of Ye Fan, because some private things failed to come to attend the party, at the moment suddenly appeared, any who have doubts.
"I do not believe that Pang Bo did not come to the party, you ... ... in the end who?" The rear side of the sound trembling.
A person should not appear, standing on the copper coffin, which makes the presence of many people feel some scalp hemp.
"I am naturally Pang Bo, you who have water? Thirsty death to me." Shadow continued to move forward.
"Stop!" Everyone still hard to believe.
Pang Bo had to stop, in order to prove their identity, he tried to explain, said a lot of college past.
"I believe he is Pang Bo." Ye Fan said in a firm tone, and then big step came to Pang Bo's side, the two have not seen for some time, even in this case also hugged a bit The
"At first, because some of the things at home, I failed to attend the party in a timely manner and later heard that we want to come to Mount Tai, I handled the things at home, naturally came ... ..."
Pang Bo took Ye Fan handed over the mineral water bottle, "Gudong Dong" continuous drink a few mouthfuls, this comes into the copper coffin through.
When he arrived, everyone had already ascended the mountain, and he rode the cable car along the ropeway.
In general he was lucky, in nine dragon corpse and bronze giant coffin hit Taishan, just from the cableway arrived on the top of the Jade Emperor. He did not go with the crowd to the foot of the mountain, but tightly clinging to a tree, until Taishan calm down, no injuries.
Then, he far to see Ye Fan and others fall into the scene of the giant pit, when he ran just to see an ancient word shining to the air, he was set in the pit, it is difficult to move step. Until the bronze giant coffin shaking, coffin cover off the position, he followed the crowd christian louboutin sale after being admitted into the coffin.
Do not know is not due to the body in the colored altar, the Pangbo fall into the copper coffin was directly fell to the back of the gas.
Until now, all the people gradually dispel doubts, that tight heart finally relaxed down.
"We must find a way to self-help, in this mouth copper coffin, people feel hard, I always have a bad feeling ... ..." Li Xiaoman face some white, Meimou staring at the copper coffin deep piece of dark Where. Compared with other female students, she and Lin Jia are very calm performance.
Heard this remark, many people feel the body some cold
"We get together, do not separate." Zhou Yi suggested this way.
People close together, with the phone looked weak light around the situation. They are close to the side of the copper coffin, you can see a vague picture of the bronze, there are cruel nine birds of prey flying, there are whole body full of long and hard thorns of the giant Xiongshou roar ... ...
Covered with bronze rusty bronze engraved, some actually was "Shan Hai Jing" recorded in the wasteland Xiongshou, such as gluttonous, poor odd, 梼 杌, etc., large size, face ferocious, lifelike, people daunting.
Along the copper coffin inside the wall for some distance, everyone is also a lot of characters carved, like the ancient ancestors and some ancient gods. Subsequently, the crowd is now a large pattern of strange, dense, little bit of stars, like a very star map.
Bronze giant coffin up to twenty meters, wide enough to have more than eight meters, everyone saw the engraved figure is only a corner only. They did not continue to watch, because at this time, everyone aware of the depths of copper coffin seems to have what artifacts exist.
All the phones are held together, the people reluctantly walked forward a few steps, vaguely see the central bronze coffin, that piece of dark where there is a blurred rectangular objects.
Obviously, it is not a corpse, not like a living object, which makes everyone a little peace of mind, continue to move forward a few steps.
"Coffin in the coffin, turned out to be another copper coffin!" When you really see the front of the object, many people suck a cold air.
In the most central position parked another copper coffin, less than four meters long, less than two meters wide, simple and dim, engraved with ancient pictures, covered with green, engraved with the years of wind and frost, people have chill, daunting The
"Is not a coffin in the coffin, this mouth is the real coffin, is the body of the body of the mortuary, while the outside of the bronze giant coffin called the coffin, but set the coffin, the two together known as the coffin." Pang Bo for a minority It is not clear that the meaning christian louboutin shoes of the coffin explained.
Heard the front of the coffin in the coffin is the real body of the apparatus, the moment there will be a lot of people "pedal pedal" back to the back, the heart to the extreme.
Such a mysterious bronze antique in the end what kind of funeral? Everyone has both alarm and fear.
In the past I have heard of archaeological secret, imperial tombs all kinds of, and the front of this bronze coffin, simply worth mentioning, simply nothing
Who has seen twenty meters long bronze coffin? Who has seen the mysterious giant coffin from heaven? Who has seen nine dragon corpses? People doubt whether the buried inside is a person's body, simply can not imagine what the coffin in the end buried.
Dark bronze coffin inside gradually quiet down, no one to speak, everyone is full of fear, looking at the front of the bodies of the bronze coffin, everyone out of the heavy voice, everyone is very nervous heart.
Bronze coffin green rust mottled, inside the end of what kind of people installed?
"All this should be related to the five-colored altar on Mount Tai."
After a long time, all the people speak down in vain, they want to know why all this will be born.
"It should be this, with the five-color ancient altar, it is nine dragon corpse and bronze coffin attracted."
Everything you see is too bizarre, seriously impacted the presence of everyone's ideological and cognitive. Five-color altar for the ancient ancestors built, it can be said that mystery endless, Ye Fan thought a lot, annihilation of ancient history in the end hidden the number of unknown secret?
No dangerous things Health, everyone's mind gradually calm down, seriously speculated that all of this.
"Perhaps, the Kowloon pull the coffin is the ancient ancestors call to come." His words, immediately someone retorted: "The ancient people have long died did not know how many years.
"What I mean is that the Kowloon coffin is late, and now it is the response to the ancient."
When a female student made such a statement, everyone Yizheng, from the ancient ancestors of the call, late Kowloon and the ancient coffin, across thousands of years of response, which is somewhat incredible!
"What is the truth, we can not know, everything is just guessing, there are many possibilities."
"Yes, perhaps the Kowloon pull the coffin has nothing to do with the ancient ancestors, but their return.
"You see those bronze engraved it, there are ancient ancestors, there are ancient gods, a lot of characters are carved with tears marks, people feel the desolation and sadness, seems to tell a long story. "
"Perhaps it is true, Kowloon pull the coffin, break through the day of danger, return to the hometown! christian louboutin shoes A section of the blood of the past ... ..."
Is the ancient ancestors really have unknown means to explore an unknown and distant place? Kowloon pull coffin, return to the hometown, born away, bones go, wrapped corpse also.
In the conversation, everyone's fear gradually less, guess all possible. But still on the central location of the bronze coffin full of awe, no one to touch, more people can not open it.
"I think the person who wants to rescue should be on Mount Tai, maybe not far away."
"I hope not to be accidentally born, early to save us out."
Everyone did not divorce from the ancient coffin approach, bronze coffin high enough to have meters, and was sealed by the coffin, simply can not escape.
In the crowd hope to escape as soon as possible, the bronze coffin suddenly burst of violent trembling, all standing unsteady, rickety, many people fell directly to the ground.
"What happened, what happened?" Everyone was alarmed. Some female students are crying, tightly grasp the people around him.
"Did the rescue man come to save us?"
In the fear and fear, the copper coffin vibration more violent, and no one can be based, almost all fell to the ground, with the cold bronze coffin intimate contact.
But also a sound shock, like the plane through the cold clouds at high altitude, knot a thick layer of ice in general, constantly shaking.
The last sound of shock, just like a thunder in louboutin shoes general, like to shatter all tangible quality,obviously you can feel the big coffin bronze big collision.
But that is, at this time, dark copper coffin, those bronze carved a little bit of light, instantly offset an unimaginable impact.
Everyone shocked, had obvious feeling will be turned upside down, but in a moment of calm, people filled with a strange illusion.
"No, just had a terrible impact, how could suddenly stand still?"
"It was not the illusion that the copper coffin did have a violent big crash and flipped several times, but we were not affected.
At this time everyone was surprised that the bronze mortuary coffin hanging in the coffin onthe side wall, it firmly set there, and did not fall down.
"The bronze coffin has now tipped to the ground, and the small coffin of the corpses must be cast at the bottom of the coffin, and it is difficult to move it, so the coffin is tilted and tilted, and at first glance it is hanging on the side wall.
Can imagine just terrible impact on how great, but it was those bronze carved out of the weak light out of the light out, people feel incredible.
"Light, outside the cast into the light!" Li Xiaoman exclaimed.
Everyone turned his head, looked at the direction looked at Li Xiaoman,the front really a little bit of light through the light.
"Bronze giant coffin overturned, coffin cover tilt, opened a gap, we finally out of danger!
The bronze coffin was deviated from the original position,and the gap was enough to make the two men out of the side, but the outside was so dark that the light inside the bronze coffin was not noticeable.
The crowd out of a cheer, scrambling to rush forward, want to escape this dark and terrible space, do not want to stay even a second.
However, when the crowd out of the bronze coffin, all like clay sculpture generally stunned.
The earth is like a bloody infestation, was reddish brown, cold and lonely, into the eyes of a desolate and open, scattered on the ground with some huge rock, looking like a tombstone.
This world between the light dim, a drowsy, like a deadly dusk around the faint black mist.
Everyone stupid, here can never be the top of Mount Tai!
The vast expanse of reddish-brown earth, the distant and dead, there is no sign of life, is not what they know any place.
Never seen, never heard of, is completely strange and mysterious place!
"This is ... ... where, we ... ... left Taishan it?" The voice of the people talking are shaking.
"Rescue people to isolate us in a no man's land, is afraid of nine dragon corpseis dangerous?" That the words of the students themselves are difficult to convince myself.
Everyone raised a bad hunch, and there was something very bad that was born to them. At this moment, many people at the same time to dial out the phone, but simply can not get through, there is no signal.
"This is not Taishan, where are we?" Many people are showing a panic look,christian louboutin sale no escape after the joy, some just fear.
From the trapped copper coffin to re-out, but a quarter of an hour, but the sight of the scene is completely changed, the momentum of vigorous towering, can overlook the mountains of Mount Tai was gone, in front of the terrain is gentle, covered gravel boundless The
Ye Fan quietly watching all this, ominous premonition really come true, since Taishan see Tai Chi Bagua map together, forming a dark and huge channel, he will have a bad association. Although the Kowloon did not see the coffin into the connection to the unknown area of ​​the channel, but at the moment do not have to think, see enough to show everything, not in Mount Tai, or even long ago in the Earth.