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A group of uninvited guests came to the bustling colorful bar, "Damn, your most beautiful girl to the grandfather out, so that grandfather enjoy the enjoyment!" Only to see a man face fat man came to the bar stage The Www.uuk.la
The bartender saw him look like, and looked at the group of people behind him, his face pale, the sound trembling, "big ... big brother, I ... ... we ... ... we ... ..."

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Did not wait until he finished, that face fat man directly slap in the past, "mother, say something is not clear, so you are so guests? Men are so, that woman in the end into What about it? Quack ... ... "
"I ... ... we are entertainment, do not provide big ... ... Big Brother you say that kind of service!" Mediator trembling with the explanation.
"Nima, my grandfather is now going to serve, you are alive and crooked, and nonsense in front of me!"
Understand a look is finding fault, just bartender I do not know how good time, michael kors wallet Zhou Dong came over and asked: "how?
"East brother, they ... ..." bartender looked at the gang said.
"You, the bar began to operate, there are many deficiencies, if you can not meet, please forgive me!" Zhou Dong Baoquan said.
"To Nyima, you count which onions? Let you stalled! What broken bar?" That fat man said fiercely kicked the front seat.
"I think you are deliberately come to finding fault? If you play our bar at any time welcome, if you want to find fault? Well, but also to see who is the site!" Zhou Dong understand, for these people, and then how they are polite, they Or do not appreciate, the mood changed a lot of cold.
"Yes, you are the governor? That is just to Grandpa to find a few body punctual pretty chick, the grandfather waiting for the next time to come to hold your field!
Zhou Dong looked at the fat man that look like a pig, indifferent: "Sorry, our regular entertainment, without these services!
A group of people heard, laughed, "Since there is no such service, I see your business do not do, give me hard to hit!" Fat man command behind a group of people in the bar mess. Entertainment pastime guests see, have run around.
Zhou Dong see this group of people have no reason to speak, picked up a bottle on the group of people beat away.
Bartender saw, scared quickly back, went to the office, told the fat downstairs what happened.
After the fat man heard it was greatly angry, "this group of bastards, go and go and see!
See the first floor of the chaotic scene, "little bastard, when we bully ah? michael kors purses Come on!" Directly joined the battle.
You fist my foot, not how long this group of people lying on the ground, clutching his eyes watching fat.
Fat man smiled and said, "Since the come do not go!" Said one by one to their life knot, and only the last one fat man, a look of flesh chaos, scared unconsciously backwards The
Fat to see, the mouth smiled a bit, "how? Afraid? Since the fear also came to find things, the courage can be good, just hope you wait or so have the courage!
Looking at the fat kind of laughter, fat man face twitching, "you ... ... you kill me, we will not be on the altar of the public, because we come to be his order.

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"Today, I leave you a dog life, go back and tell you that the dog fart master, maybe he is famous in Kyoto, but the name is loud, but he is not good for him, In the eyes of us, especially my boss, he is not even fart, roll!
The man 's face beating the ball, pointing to the fat voice trembling, "you wait, I will soon let you know our bloodthirsty hall of the powerful." Having said to panic ran.
"This group of little bastards, the East child, you all right?" Fat looked to Zhou Dong care asked.
"I'm fine, but this time will not be on the bloodthirsty hall, after which we are still careful for the better, after all, here is Kyoto, they are in Kyoto have the prestigious gang.

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"Take care of him, as long as provoke us, is the dragon I have to beat him!"michael kors online Fat casually said.
See the attitude of fat, Zhou Dong shook his head smile, others do not know the bloodthirsty hall, he had heard of Zhou Dong, bloodthirsty hall is not the green snake can match, although they are able to play, but double Boxing fought four hands, "Oh, are not afraid of the main!"
Fat hey smiles: "This is afraid of you? Then you may be more afraid!"
Zhou Dong silent, and Ye Chen they contact for such a long time, they give their surprise and shock once stronger than once, and now even do not know what the three before they are doing, Zhou Dong did not dare to ask, Lonely provoke the boss of their own.
At this time the seven night figure in the night shuttle, alone came to the crisis of the bloodthirsty hall, in order to detect the situation of the bloodthirsty hall to get rid of mine tyrants, he swim in the bloodthirsty hall.
"Wait a minute, what did you ever see?" A patrolling man said to another patrolman.
"No ah, you are not dazzled? Hurry patrol it!" Another person laughing at his companions, laughing he was too cautious.
The patrol man touched the back of the head, "Do you really dazzled?" Shook his head to continue patrolling in the compound.
In the two went to a dark corner, a silhouette appeared in front of them, a golden dagger instantly cut a person's throat, or even too late to respond, directly fell to the ground, another person looked down on their own Of the companion, eye pupil to expand, scared of a paralyzed soft in the ground, panic look, moved later, "you ... ... you ... ... who are you?
Seven nights evil smile, "I? I was to send you to the hell of people,michael kors outlet online that mine tyrants where?"
The man scared his mouth twitching, "I ... I do not know!"
"Do you blame me for not giving you a chance?" Then he picked up his gold dagger and shook his face.
The man saw the golden dagger, in the context of the moonlight issued a shining light, panic body trembling, "wait ... wait a minute, I ... ... if i ... ... tell you you will let me?
Seven nights looking at their own fear of such a fear of people, eyes appeared murderous, "your life and death in my moment, I do not like to talk about the conditions, you may probably not die, but you do not say only die "Then looked at the body lying on the ground.
"Well ... well ... as long as you do not kill me, I told you all know you, ............!"
Seven nights listening to his narrative, frowned, "Since the thunderbolt died, then keep your life no use, you go down!" I saw the dagger straight toward the throat at the plan, that person only feel Throat came a stock of heat, too late to fall on the reaction.
Seven o'clock looked at his "O" type of mouth, "I said, your life and death in my moment!
Seven nights back to the Oriental Pearl, "boss, found, but that mine has been dead days!"
"Oh? Who killed? Is the bloodthirsty hall of the people?" Ye Chen feel very strange, under the protection of the bloodthirsty hall or dead.
Shook his head seven o'clock, "No, when I asked a patrolman, he told me that he was sent by Su Yu Dong.
"Su Yu Dong? He is not minefield days of brother-in-law? There are bloodthirsty Church is not also blessing Lei Pa days it seems, this play more and more interesting ah!" Ye Chen Oh laughed.
"How was the recent training of the seven nights?"
"Big boss assured that I will be those who will be trained to those people around you the most faithful bodyguard!" Seven night vowed to say, eyes appeared hot light.
"The next goal is Suyu Dong, but I want to give Su Yu Dong his daughter a meeting ceremony, back to send the death of this thunderbolt spread to his daughter's ears, I want to see their couples will happen What kind of change! "Ye Chen screwed his eyes and said softly.
The next day the news has spread to the ears of the obese lady, had to admire the ability to work seven nights, only to hear a villa house roar of the voice of men and women.
"My big brother is not you sent to kill people?" Obsidmous grievances look at her husband Su Yu Dong.
"Not me! Who told you that I killed?"
"Oh, Su Yu Dong, I was really blind dog eyes, and even find you like a wolf of the man! Do not think you do those scandal I do not know, you are not afraid of my big brother to those who do not see you Go out to affect your career it? "Obese lady sneer, this time she saw through the Soviet Union, did not expect his own brother actually turned his own brother, heartache in the bleeding.
Su Yu Dong see their own scandal buried, Yin smiled, "Yes, I kill, how can you take me? To blame him blame me too hard!"
"You ... ... did not expect really you, son of a bitch." Said to Su Yu Dong who fight to go.
Su Yu Dong saw her crazy look, all of a sudden threw her aside, pulled out from the body of a gun, michael kors handbags pointing to her obese face, "tell you, I will not let anyone affect my career You can not destroy my future, you better give me honest, or do not blame me for not so many years of our husband and wife affair! "
Obese lady to see his gun was pointing, scared not to speak again, only to see the body trembling body and her hidden bitter eyes, anxious to kill her own husband Su Yu Dong.
"You give me honest in this villa, no Lao Tzu not allowed to take the door step, you rest assured that the son of the hatred I will certainly report!" Then put away the hands of the gun, went out.
Obese lady to see her husband now look like, my heart can not tell the fear of his son's death, brother's death has brought her indestructible pain, but now even the only one who accompanied So that their own, feeling lost meaning of life, no longer had the joy of the past, before he is high above the ladies, how the scenery is infinite, but now even their own husband was reduced to the prisoners, which makes her how willing? The hearts of a trace of revenge, to his son, big brother revenge, kill Ye Chen, kill the Soviet Union and the East, the idea of ​​revenge once there will no longer easily erase.
"... ... Church ... ... Church of the Lord, a small dare not lie,he ... ... they have a skill, do not say other people, that a fat body of a foreign guy, a man took me to the brothers breath All killed, leaving me only to return to the Lord.
"What did he say?" A military attache took the lead and asked.
"He said ... he said ..."
"Damn, he said, what did he say?" Hu Guang see him hesitant, angrily.
"He said ... ... ... ... you ... ... you ... ... you are on the Kyoto Road, there are prestige, but in their eyes, you ... ... you even ... ... even fart is not!" Scared him hesitant, not looking straight Hu Guang.
Only to hear the "call" soon, Hu Guang to the side of the chair thrown aside, "Mom, this group of people is really bold, dare to say I, the tiger is not angry when I was sick cat ah? Military division, send brothers to continue It 's disgraceful to go back to their presence, remember, and send a few points.
The military adviser quickly answered: "Yes, the Lord, I go to convene the man, as the Lord you save the face, let them know that our bloodthirsty hall is not their off the green snake can help than!"
Yanjing City Public Security Bureau building, "the Secretary, recently these things we concluded that the Ye Chen is, but no one would dare to correct them, according to I do not like to directly detain him, no punishment he will not move.
"Su brother ah, I understand your feelings, your son Su Wei died, but who can prove that they must be a few young people to kill it? Perhaps the son of other enemies in the outsiders to provoke it?" Shangguan Ye Su Yu michael kors handbags outlet Dong looked at the kind of resentment Ye Chen said.
"Must be them, if not Ye Chen's appearance, my son may also be good now, there are Kyoto recently dead so many people are their trouble, if the Secretary you do not manage it, let the younger brother, I will let him personally recognize, must let him pay for their own actions.
Looking at Su Yu Dong resolute tone, sighed, "Su brother, if the original Su Wei is not against him, I think there is not so much trouble now, but you remember, no matter who, can not hurt him , This is not only my meaning, it is my father's meaning, and I also hope that you feel good! "
Su Yu Dong heard his words, mouth twitching, "What? Who is he who? Even let the Shangguan Father particularly concerned about him?"
"I do not know what his origin, I only know that he is certainly not an ordinary person, or else will not cause my family's attention, listen to me, put down the put it down, after all, people can not resurrection, living people always good Live. "
Suyu Dong eyes reveal the lost look, "Why? God Why do this to me? Let me lose the only son, the most sad is knowing who the enemy is, even kill each other."
Su Yu Dong looked at the face of change, Shangguan Ye sighed and walked out. The empty office was left with the loss of Su Yu Dong.
"No, can not be so cheap him, I must be avenge for his son, even if I want to pay everything! Ye Chen ... ... Ye Chen ... ... I must kill you, kill you!" Eyes full of ruthless spirit, "Yes, hotels, hotels, I want to kill your woman, I want to let you try to lose care about people's feelings! Haha ... ... haha ​​... ..." insidious laughter echoed throughout the room.
Huang Huai Road police station, the whole people are shrouded in a busy and tense atmosphere, recently in their jurisdiction within the scope of a large number of people died, and more than once more, but also a headache but do not know who do, This makes the police station director Wang Fengan day sorrow, the top to convey the order, if you can not find the murderer of the director of their own head also came.
Shangguan Yun is buried in the search for information, Wang Fengan came to her front, Xipixie smile to help her find information, Shangguan Yun see him like this, smiled and said: "Wang Chang, you are okay?
"Okay, Shangguan captain, what information are you looking for?"
"Oh, nothing!"
"Shangguan captain, you see the recent things in Kyoto so much, can not talk with your fathermichael kors outlet Shangguan Secretary, let him more grace for some time!" Wang Fengan cheeky or said out.
Shangguan Yun turned his eyes, "This thing ah, this happened in the scope of our police station, you have to have a knot, do not you have no clues?"
Wang Feng An heard Shangguan Yun asked, his face embarrassed, "there is a bit, but there is no evidence to prove, so it can not hastily, which I have been very upset."
"Are you skeptical?"
"This is not easy to say, but these things happen many times in front of a hotel, so I have to doubt this place, but suffer from no evidence, there is nothing near the camera, so ... ... so far can only doubt!
"Yeah, the king, your future pressure mountain ah, this thing you have to quickly check, and now not only my father forced you to solve the case, even my grandfather is also investigating these things, you say you are not big pressure? Shangguan Yun laugh looked at the face of the difficulties of Wang Fengan.
"I know, just ... ... just hope you can help me in the Shangguan Secretary side a few words, give me some time, I must check out." Wang Feng An depressed and said.
"No problem, the king of the time to find the murderer Do not forget to call me!"
When they talk about the Kyoto incident, Ouyang Yating came to the police station.
"Ya Ting, how did you come?"
Ouyang Ya Ting to play with their hair, pouting mouth, "find you chanting, yun sister, you recently so busy? About you out also see me!
Shangguan Yun see Ouyang Ya Ting a little girl looks like, Oh laughed: "You say, the recent case of Kyoto more and more, especially in the scope of our jurisdiction, dead a lot of people, you do not have anything else at night It 's a little bit of a rough job in Kyoto.
"Hum hum, I see who dare to move my Ouyang Ya Ting!" Ouyang Ya-ting turned his head a few times a hum.
"Yes, Yun sister, the last time we meet, you bring the man who is it? Your boyfriend?
Shangguan Yun heard, thought up, recently too busy, obviously not seen for several days why can not feel like a long time like?
See Shangguan Yun daze look, Ouyang Ya Ting hand in front of her shook, "Hey, Yun sister, Yun sister how do you?"
Shangguan Yun recovered, the town of God, "Nothing, you ask him what?"
Ouyang Ya-ting was her so asked, sometimes I do not know how to answer, hesitant, "No ... ... okay, I was curious!" Speaking when his cheeks hot!
Shangguan Yun buried tumbling information, "he, he did not know where the woman in the arms of it!" If Shangguan Yun see Ouyang Ya Ting face changes, do not know what will feel.
Heard her big "ah" soon as, looked up at her, rolled his eyes, "as so fuss?
Ouyang Yating noticed his attitude, whispered "Oh" a cry.
Shangguan Yun finishing the information complained with the mouth, "the murderer I must not find out, my grandmother, for a few pieces of broken case I whole people are decadent, do not know which son to trouble me, if let I checked out, hum, I must have peeled his skin.
In Shangguan Yun complained, in the colorful bar Ye Chen suddenly hit two sneeze, rubbed his nose, "Who is calling me?"
Next to the Zhou Dong, fat could not help but want to laugh, fat look of laughter looked at their own look big, "is certainly a wife, these days you are busy with these trivia, not much time to accompany her, hey ... .... "
Ye Chen to see his look like a smile, you can not wait to kick out, "said business, according to the seven-night investigation, mine tyrants have died in his brother Su Yu Dong hand, but so easy to die too cheap , And then we have to deal with is the deputy director Su Yu Dong and bloodthirsty hall!
"Dead?" Fat man, Zhou Dong two surprised expression.
Looked at the reaction of the two, "dead!"

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"How can this minefield so easy to die? I have not tortured him!" Fat man said angrily.
"Fat, thunderbolt thing this end, now the main is Su Yu Dong and bloodthirsty hall!"
"This is easy to handle, Su Yu Dong I and seven nights to kill him directly, as the bloodthirsty hall, but also let them into the snake to help the footsteps.
Zhou Dong see the blood that bloodthirsty eyes, opening, "This is not, Su Yu Dong how to say is dignified a deputy director of Kyoto City, if we are free to solve his country that people will be more traced in the end, michael kors outletthe boss you do not Forget that the recent things in Kyoto are too much, and the policemen can keep tracing these things and never let go!
Ye Chen looked at the fat one, smiled and said, "fat sometimes you should also hone temper nature, and the East said very right, in foreign countries we can unscrupulous, but this is in my country, China, you And the two nights to arrange, to induce Su Yu Dong, he did not want to climb it? I would like to give him the most critical moment to his gift.
Fat, Zhou Dong see the boss's smile, immediately realized that he said the gift is what kind of gift.
When the three plan in the office, hear the sound of noisy outside.