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Tang three nodded, blacksmith this career is undoubtedly the most suitable for him to build hidden weapon, "Dad, you are older, and then a few years, so I am bigger, you teach me to build kitchen utensils, let me take your work "Before he did the work of the most sophisticated hidden weapon, the simplest forging he would not.
Tang Hao slightly lost, murmured: "blacksmith, it seems good." Pulled a worn old chair, he sat in front of that piece of pig iron down, lazy: "Little three, you tell me what Kind of blacksmith, is the best blacksmith.
Tang three thought, said: "The blacksmith who can create the artifact, should be the best blacksmith it." He had heard the people in the village said, in this world there is an artifact, although he did not know the artifact What is it? But put a word on the word, want to come should be good.
Tang Hao eyes flashed a trace of mockery of the glory, "artifact? Small three also know the artifact. Then you tell me, artifact is what to build out?

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Tang did not want to think, directly: "Of course, with the best materials.
Tang Hao out of a index finger, shaking in front of Tang three, "If you want to do a qualified blacksmith, remember my words, with the finest materials to create artifacts, it is not the best blacksmith, up to just a synthesizer. With the iron to create an artifact, is the gods.
"With the iron to create artifacts?" Tang three looked surprised Tang Hao, weekdays, Tang Hao rarely talk to him, today is the most time to be.
Stood up, Tang Hao pointed to the other side of the room there is a fifty centimeters square of the big iron lump, "want to be a blacksmith, and I learn to forge.Then you use the hammer forging it for ten thousand. "
It is a piece of iron, which contains many impurities, compared with the piece of iron did not know how much difference.
"Now, you can change your mind." Tang Hao said lightly. Ready to go back to sleep.
"Daddy, I am willing to try." Tang three voice crisp and calm, but it contains a firm.
Tang Hao some accident to see him, "Well." Side of the said, he walked over, the piece of large iron Tuo hold up directly on the stove next to the stove, as long as the charcoal burning, it can be carried out on it forging.
Finish these, Tang Hao back to sleep inside.

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Tang three is a firm man, otherwise, he can not by virtue of a dilapidated drawings to create a feast of Tang Lian, ralph lauren polo that Tang door of the top of the machine class hidden weapon. That was enough to spend his ten years.
Lit charcoal, pull the bellows, he began his own work.
Whirring the bells sounded, the flame from the charcoal in the smoke, burning the piece of large iron lump, although the Tang and not forging, but he often see Tang Hao to create farm tools, the process still know.
When the iron Tuo gradually burned red, he dragged Tang Hao Ping daily hammer, on the ground, this long handle hammer even higher than his height is also a little bit, ordinary five or six years old children It is impossible to take the move, not to mention it is waving it forging.
But Tang three or take it up, Xuan Tian power of the body, although not yet break the first weight, but he also has the strength of the adult level.

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When -, hammer and iron lump collision, issued a crisp sound, which is the first time Tang three hammering, also opened the forging prelude.
Inside, lying in bed Tang Hao turned his body, even though he eyes closed, but his face still looks a bit surprised, murmured raving, "actually get a hammer, born divine it?
Dangdang when the beating began to sound in the blacksmith shop, Tang Hao and Tang and his son began to repeat their plain life, but the difference is that from this day, Tang Hao Tang three rooms to get another stove , Let him forging the piece of iron lump. He did not give pointers Tang three sentences, but also from the beginning of this day, Tang Hao drink less, some of the food at home.
Forging is definitely a boring and tired process, but Tang did put this as a temper of their own body. Has been past eleven days, he has always been counting the number of their own forging, want to shake the hammer, by virtue of his body's strength can not be done, must have Xuan Tian Gong auxiliary.
All his skill, about enough waving a hundred hammer around, whenever the skill exhausted, ralph lauren shirts he sat on the ground sitting on the ground to restore the internal force to return to immediately continue to beat.
This is not just a physical exercise, repeated consumption, recovery, his mysterious days of power and will is a good temper. Unfortunately, the mysterious days of the first heavy bottleneck is like an indestructible barrier, Tang three practice can not be said not hard, his talent is enough, but can not break into the second.
But his exercise was not in vain, although the mysterious days did not break through, but this internal force with his iron lump forging and become more tough, and restore the speed seems to be faster than before.
Eleven days in the past, Tang has played eight thousand hammer, iron lump constantly smaller, less than the original one-third of the volume. The body's exercise and the increase in food, his body becomes a bit strong, as if there is a force from the body gradually injected into his body, so that he continued in the process of forging, the internal force consumption is gradually reduced. And in the addition of all the internal forces, the power has increased a lot.
When he hit a thousand hammer when the iron lump has been a certain change, a small circle, despite the fire in the charcoal fire, but also vaguely able to see, inside the impurities seem to reduce a lot.
100 refining into steel, the word appears in the Tang three minds, which is more determined to complete his determination of this hammer. And from this goal has been very close.
Tang's insistence that Tang Hao was surprised, in his view, even if his son is a natural power, it can not adhere to more than three days. Hammer hammer handle in order to slip is so rough, constantly waving, and the palm of the friction, is bound to bring great harm to the palm. But he found that although the tang three real forging, but his pair of tender little hands look but no change. Even a blister did not have.
Tang three do not want to lose this father, but also do not want to know everything in the past,ralph lauren online so he naturally will not tell Tang Hao, this is because he practiced the Tang door mysterious jade hand.
Want to use the hidden weapon, the most basic needs is the eyesight, hand, effort of the integration. Is the so-called heart to the eye, eyes to the hand to. Therefore, in the practice of Tang door door method, for the eyesight, the requirements of high hand.
Purple immortal pupil, with the sun when the East when the Purple East to a short moment of practice, the eye has a great role in improving.
Mysterious jade hand, can make the palm of your hand becomes extremely tough, and cut off any toxins.
These two abilities are the compulsory courses of the disciples of the Tangmen Gate. Although the Tang three mysterious jade hand is far from enough heat, but to protect their own palm is not grinding out the blisters or can do.
"Hard work, today will be able to complete." Tang three hard waving the hammer in the hands, in this boring process, his heart is not calm. For this world, his understanding is still very preliminary, after all, here is just a small village only.
The world is called Douro continent, there are two empires on the mainland, or can be said to be two allies. Because among the two empires, a large number of territories are divided into princes, armed forces have aristocracy.
The two empires are one of the three heavenly emperor, the other is the Southern Star Luo Empire.
Fassno province is located at the junction of the two countries, and the soul of the village next to the city of Nottingham is only less than two hundred miles away from the Star Empire.
Tang three from the villagers in the conversation to know, in the Douro continent, not their own world of martial arts, but there is a thing called Wuhun things. It is said that everyone has their own Wuhun, of which very few people of the Wuhun can practice, formed a career, called the soul division. And Pan continent's most noble career is the soul division. Like a hundred years ago, the legend of the holy soul from the village out of the soul of the holy, is a soul division, soul is the soul of the soul to a certain level of title.
Wuhun divided into two categories, one is the device Wuhun, one is the animal Wuhun soul. As the name suggests, to utensils for the Wuhun who is the Wu Wu, animal to Wuhun who is the animal Wuhun soul. Relatively speaking, Wu Wu Yuan contains a greater range, most people are also Wu Wu, and Wu Wu Wu Wu can not practice the soul of the soul than the soul of the greater proportion of weapons.
Tang three had seen the village of a person's Wuhun is a hoe, ralph lauren online apparently a can not practice Wuhun, but nevertheless, when he was in the land, still faster than ordinary villagers faster.
This is also the Tang three to understand all, because everyone will have their own Wuhun, Tang three also want to know what their own Wuhun. Whether it is Wu Wu soul or animal Wuhun, and whether it can practice it?
Douro on the mainland, Wuhun awakening at the age of six, a few days later, Tang three will be six years old, do not know why, he vaguely feel that their own mysterious work can not break, it seems This Wuhun some relationship.
For the soul division, Tang three to not interested, but he was determined to become a Tangmen door level hidden weapon master, and how little internal force?
"Tang Hao, busy with it?" Is the Tang Dynasty in his ten thousand times forged efforts, hear the outside came a old voice.
This is the afternoon, Tang Hao is working, to create a farm tool, heard this is just a cry.
Tang three curious from their own room to come out, only to see is an old man, looks like sixty years old, tall and slender, but hale and hearty, clean and tidy clothes, hair is also sort of meticulous, and Tang Hao compared , Is simply two extremes.
This person Tang three know, is the holy soul village village chief Jack.
"Little three, come, let grandfather look." Old Jack waved to Tang three.
The village is a good old man, the village people are very respect for him, as early as a few years, Tang three most difficult time, he did not eat more to come.
"Jack grandfather, hello." Tang three went to the old Jack in front of respectful salute to him. For their own good people, Tang three will be remembered in the heart.
Tang Hao cold: "What is something, the village head." Old Jack is ralph lauren online actually bigger than he was less than ten years old, but it is harder than his generation, so Tang Hao has been some bad mood.
Old Jack seems to have been accustomed to Tang Hao such attitude, "Tang Hao ah, small three is also six years old this year's awakening ceremony he should also participated.
Tang Hao saw Tang three eyes, take it lightly: "That's where to participate.
Old Jack said: "Just three days later, when I came to pick him up." He looked Tang Hao look, it is obviously want to say, if pointing to you to send him, I am afraid to delay.
Tang Hao nodded his head, no longer ignore the village head.
Tang three but some curious asked: "Jack grandfather, what is the awakening ceremony?"
Old Jack said: "We each have their own Wuhun, to the age of six or so to carry out the awakening ceremony.With the Wuhun, we will enhance the ability of a certain area. Even the most common Wuhun, also If you have an excellent Wuhun, you can practice, then, you may even become a soul division. Awakening ceremony only once a year, I can not let you miss. The demon 's deacon' s deacon in person to help our children in the village to wake up, then the deacon, but adults that the soul level of the soul division.
Said the big soul division three words, Jack eyes clearly showing the envy of the color.
Tang three of the concept of the soul division is only ambiguous heard some, this time to seize the opportunity will not easily let go, ask: "What is the meaning of the big soul division?
Old Jack is obviously very patient on the Tang three, in his heart, the village is the most sensible child than the front of the Tang three, it is hard to imagine how such a father would have such a well-behaved son.
The soul of the division is the soul of the soul of the mainland is the most noble career, ralph lauren shirts they can be a strong fighter, you can also have excellent ability to support, but no matter what kind of soul division,level Are sorted by the same title. "

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"The soul of the division have their own Wuhun force, according to the strength of Wu soul force, a total of ten titles. Each title is divided into ten. Initially just started, called the soul, as long as Wuhun wake up, If the soul of the soul to reach eleven, it will enter the next title, that is, the soul division, while the big soul division, is the title of the third in the series It is already a very powerful soul division that has reached the realm of the great soul, and the overall title of ten is so.
"The soul of the soul, the soul of the soul, holy soul, soul and soul, the soul of the soul, the soul of the soul, the soul of the river and the title of Douro. We Doura mainland name, is the result of the legend, To reach more than ninety grade title Douro can give their own to take a title, they are simply invincible presence ah!
Eyes shining proud of the glory, "we holy soul village a hundred years ago, but out of the eighth title of the soul of the holy Oh. In the whole of Notting City, and even the entire province of Fassino province, is also very rare.
Side of the Tang Hao Pie Piezui, "old Jack, it was just a legend.
As if to be touched the inverse scales in general, the old Jack furious, "What is the legend, the legend is from the facts.Tang Hao, you come to the village has six years, and should understand that soul in ralph lauren polo shirts our minds in the position Let me hear you insult the soul of the holy people, I will expel you from the village.If you look at the third of the sake, do you think I would like to come to you this kennel?
Tang Hao is not angry, still beating the hands of the farm tools, like did not hear Jack's words like.
Jack stared at him, and then he said to Tang: "After you do not like your father so decadent, well, I go first, three days later, I'll pick you up."
Finished, old Jack left the blacksmith in anger.
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"Daddy." Tang called out.
"Ah?" Tang Hao cold glanced at him, see the eyes of his father's chill, Tang three had to say the words swallowed back. Bowed his head back to his own room to continue to fight that ten thousand times percussion.
Night falls, eat dinner, Tang Hao wiped his mouth, habitually walked toward the outside, for him, this is a routine, go out to drink. Drink the finest whiskey.
"Daddy. Wait." Tang three days to clean up the chopsticks, first stopped Tang Hao.
"What do?" Tang Hao impatient glared at him, although Tang Hao has never played Tang three, but do not know why, Tang three days born on the father some fear. For the two of his people, it can not change this feeling.
"That ten thousand, I forged finished." Tang said.
"Oh?" Tang Hao eyes light seems a bit bright, "brought me to see.

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"Good." Tang three quickly ran back to his room, and soon, ralph lauren polo shirtshe was holding a iron ran out.
Iron monolithic black, although the shape is not regular, but looks every section are extremely Guanghua, which Wu light looming. The whole iron is about one of the original iron lump of four large, Tang Yun Yun from the mysterious days of holding it does not feel difficult.
Tang Hao will be caught in the hands of black iron, on their own eyes carefully looked at, "Now you understand what I said it?
Tang three nodded, "100 refining into steel, poor quality of the metal after continuous forging purification, will become high quality. Dad, you have to tell me the truth?"
Tang Hao found that these days his son seems to bring their own a lot of surprise, the iron back to him, "then you continue to wait until you put it into the fist size, and then brought me to see. He turned out of the house.
According to what he had said, forging that iron ten thousand can teach Tang three forging, but now he seems to be eating. But Tang did not care about these three, he just thought Tang Hao said.

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"Fist size?" Such a big iron, really able to forge the fist size it? Although only a quarter of the original volume, but Tang is very clear, with the continuous forging, iron-intensive degree of growing, smaller volume becomes more difficult. Want to forge it to the extent of only the size of the fist, never again under the ten thousand percussion can do.
100 refining into steel, then what is the million refining it? Tang three eyes flashed a shining light, at the foot of a slight mistake, the body has been deftly drilled into their own room to go. Soon, rattled, once again in the blacksmith shop sounded.
Three days of time soon passed, Tang three morning will still go to the top of the mountain to do his routine homework, after going home, ralph lauren polo in addition to cooking outside, is forging. Be sure to be compared with the piece of pig iron. Every day the beat speed is increasing. Xuan Tian Gong to help him quickly restore strength, to maintain this continuous forging process.
"Old three, grandfather to pick you up." Old Jack came to the blacksmith on time, perhaps because of Tang Hao's bored, this time he did not even go in, just outside called Tang three.
Tang looked at the side just eat breakfast father. Tang Hao coldly said: "Do not go to noon cooking at noon.
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