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"Is a five-color altar ... ..." Pang Bo and Ye Fan stood together, the two looked at each other, and then shook his head. They are the best friends in college, after graduation often meet each other most understanding, and now they feel the situation is not good, everyone is worrying, at the moment filled with unknown and variables.
And this time, other people from the open desert to recover the eyes, anxious and panic looked around the situation.
The huge bronze coffins tipped over their backs, and under the copper coffin was a magnificent colored stone altar, very similar to the giant altar seen in Mount Tai, made up of five different colors rolex watch of boulders.
Colored stone altar covers a very wide, you can imagine that when the construction is bound to be a vast project, but over the years by the sand invasion, should be towering on the ground of the huge altar almost all submerged in the ground, and now filled with reddish brown The earth of the gravel is flush.
Today, Kowloon pull the coffin to the heavy impact on the ground, only to the surrounding gravel earthquake, so that the altar revealed a rough outline. Not only a huge bronze coffin across the altar, that is, nine large dragon corpse are also pressure in the above, you can imagine the grandeur of colored stone altar.
"We ... lost, can not find the way." A bitter female students crying out loud, the body shaking, if not someone hold on, has long been soft on the ground.
Many people are pale, at this moment all the people think of all possible, eyes to see the scene like a very strange world. No one is willing to accept this fact, but Mount Tai was gone, the open desert in front of people, people have to silence.
"Do not panic, do not fear, there will be a solution." Ye Fan shouted.
"How to solve, how do we go back, how ... ... out of this strange world?" Even if some male students at the moment the voice has been trembling, full of strong fear and anxiety.
Unknown, will make some people full of fear and fear, but also let the other part of the people born to explore the **.
Ye Fan and Pang Bo to avoid nine large dragon corpse, walked forward, want to see the situation near.
Li Xiaoman not far away, it seems that some chills, holding arms, beautiful face some pale, but still look very calm, such as a beautiful lotus in the dark bloom. Ye Fan pass off the coat handed the past, but she just said a thank you, and then shook his head refused.
Ye Fan did not say anything, he did not want to save anything, put on the coat and Pang Bo continue to move forward. Bypassing the huge dragon corpse and bronze coffins, they see Li Xiaoman's American classmate Cade is also observing the situation near the mouth from time to time issued a "god" this amazing.
In the colored stone altar not far from a huge rock, lying there, the light is enough to have twenty meters,rolex daytona but the slope is not very steep, you can climb up.
Ye Fan tall and seven meters or so, although the face looks very quiet, but in fact the body is very strong, when the school football team is the main players, often on the pitch called the barbarians.
And Pang Bo is like its name, quite "majestic" trend, but not obese, but the real strong, is a burly big man, his arm almost so ordinary legs so thick.
The two are super good physique, in the boulder before the fast running up, did not carefully climb, they rushed up directly. Standing on the boulder to the distant view, actually see a little bit of light from the dim revealed, which makes the two quite surprised.
"Most of us do not go back." For the best friends there is nothing to say, Ye Fan directly to tell their own speculation and judgments, said: "This is certainly not our piece of time and space.
"Pang Bo Although the usual Taidalielie, but met serious things never joke, he watched the distant group that weak halo, frowned:" You said the world really Is there God? "
Ye Fan is also staring at the regiment of the looming light, said: "We even see the dragon corpse, I think even if a living god appeared in front of us, I will not be surprised.
"A living god appears in front of ... ... what kind of scene will be." Pang Bo whisper.
Behind the sound came, the height of one meter nine of the Cade also climbed on the boulder, when he saw the distant group that light, immediately uttered a cry.
"Praise ... the kind of God, I ... ... see the light." He said in less fluent Chinese, and then turned and forced to wave back, directed at the crowd Li Xiaoman shouted: "I saw ... ... Light! "Subsequently, he climbed from the boulder, rushed to Li Xiaoman there.
Cade's cry, suddenly a crowd of chaos, many people came here to come.
Pang Bo looked at not far from standing Li Xiaoman and Cade,Ye Fan said: "That foreign devils in the end is not Li Xiaoman's boyfriend?
"how could I know."
"Really so give up?" Pang Bo oblique cast him.
"Even if you can start all over again, it is difficult to return to the origin. Even the same way, life can pass twice, no longer have the original feeling. Those are past things, people want to move forward. "Ye Fan shook his head, and then remembered what, smiled and said:" rolex submariner Or you this guy chic, colorful nightlife.
"I despise you, where you have a rich life." Pang Bo looked at Ye Fan, and looked at not far from Li Xiaoman said: "With the man's intuition, I always think you two people will Have something to do. "
"You corrupt my reputation." Ye Fan smiled and said: "You also like a woman like a sixth sense?
At this moment, I am afraid that only two of them can laugh out, two people are not pessimistic people, no matter when it is difficult to frown.
Not many times, many people climb on a huge rock, overlooking the distance, the weak light like a firefly in the flashing, penetrating the dark space, reflecting the crowd's eyes. Although the light source is not bright, but it is like lit the hope of everyone, many female students cheered.
In front of a weak light, although still full of unknown, but everyone wants to move forward. Perhaps this is human nature, fear of darkness, longing for light.
"Do not let us down."
"Hope there will be a miracle."
Everyone has been climbing boulders, came to the five-color altar to discuss countermeasures.
"Everything here is very strange for us, even if the front is bright, but also be careful as some good." Wang Ziwen more cautious to make such a proposal.
Zhou Yi has been very calm, heard nodded and said: "Yes, first to send a few people to explore the way, anyway, it seems that group is not very bright light, just in case.
Other people have agreed that the unknown front no one can not expect, unfamiliar environment everything should be careful as well.
Suddenly, a violent shaking came, the bronze coffin on the colored altar uttered a metal tremolo.
"what happened?"
"I feel like a sound inside the copper coffin." A recent female student from the copper coffin was pale and said.
Heard this remark, everyone is not discoloration, to know the inside of the coffin, but there is a small body of the coffin coffin ah
"Do not talk nonsense, copper coffin overturned, that coffin cover is not stable down, just certainly was born displacement." Lin Jia is very calm, said the stability of the presence of everyone's emotions.
Nine large dragon corpses are up to 100 meters, squatting Mori, black light little, not far away, bronze coffin foot twenty meters long, pressure on the five-color altar, to bring a strong unease.
"I think we're still going to explore the front of the group."
"I also think we should act together."
Many people are so recommended, it is clear that the heart is frightened, almost no one is willing to continue to stay here. Eventually, everyone agreed that the collective forward to explore the group of light source.
The earth is made of reddish-brown soil and gravel, and the huge rocks are only sporadic.
When you walked through the piece of tall rock and stone, Liu Yunzhi surprised the sound, said: "The piece of stone on the writing.
Around the piece of boulder facing the light side of the side, you can clearly see two huge ancient engraved on the stone body, each ancient word are full of five or six meters high, iron hook silver, vigorous, vigorous , Like two hovering hovering.
Than today's font is a lot of complicated, it should be a long time ago, the ancient carved, rolex watch do not know how many years. People gathered in front of the Shek Pik, staring at the two vigorous ancient words, many people are frowned, it is difficult to identify the meaning.
"This seems to be Zhong Dingwen, the first word should be 'Ying'." Zhou Yi identified the first word, he Cuqi frowned, said to himself: "We in the end to what kind of place ... ..."
"It is indeed Zhong Dingwen, the two words for the 'metaphor.'" Ye Fan identified the words after the casually said, he seems calm, but the meaning of the word is really so that his inner shock extremely.
Trick, how could it be a tinker? He could not believe it all, can not help but look to the sky, but now though very dark, but the stars have not appeared a few.
"What do you mean?"
"Is it a place?"
Many people do not understand, do not understand the meaning of the word.
Zhou Yi heard "Yinghuo" after the word, such as Ye Fan general heart shock,his face some white, said: "We do not have the way to go back."
"What does that mean, is this?" Everyone was alarmed.
Wang Ziwen hear the words of the confusion, but also understand the meaning of it on behalf of the people explained: "I am afraid that is not the earth here, like fire, the ancient name of the ominous, ominous signs, in ancient times, called Mars confused. "
In the endless years ago, the ancients had already noticed that Mars was red, the brightness changes often, fluorescent like fire. But also in the sky movement, sometimes from west to east, sometimes from east to west, the situation is very complex, confusing, "fluorescent fire, away from confusion", called in ancient times for the confusion.
Ancient emperors superstitious, fear of this disaster, that it indicates ominous, every occurrence, not the prime minister to be dismissed is the emperor to die, for this superstition legend later people will not believe.
"Ohmygod!" Li Xiaoman around Cade to do their best to understand the meaning of the Chinese word after the words, but also catch the reddish-brown soil, but also beat the rock, constantly observe the geological, scared again and again.
"How could this be?" A lot of people dumbfounded, simply can not believe the fact that now.
"We are at the foot of this reddish-brown earth is ... ... Mars, we are not on the earth ?!" Whoever heard the results will be dumbfounded, there is no reason.
Half an hour ago is still the top of Mount Tai, half an hour after standing on the mystery of the ancient stars, this is simply fantasy!
Lin Jia body slender, enchanting scene, at the moment some beautiful white cheeks, Dan Feng eyes glance to the crowd, said: "Now, we only see this stone carved it, can not really determine whether it really in the Yingyingxing.
"But it is said that on the surface of the dry Mars are red soil and gravel, we see the scene is not exactly the case?" A female student with a tearful.
As early as the sixties of the last century, humans have been shooting space explorers to explore Mars, in 1997, "Mars Pathfinder" is a successful landing on the surface of Mars.
Nearly decades of exploration, mankind is no longer ignorant of Mars, won a lot of precious information.
"Mars soil contains a lot of iron oxide, due to long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, the whole Mars is like a rusty world, and we see the scene is exactly the same. Do ... ... we really left the earth, at the moment Standing on another planet ?! "A male student forced clenched his fist, knuckles have been green.
"If you really stand on Mars, I think we can not survive, there is not enough oxygen, no suitable temperature ... ..." Li Xiaoman said this, even though her face is very pale, but these words after the export, or let a lot of people Rise a glimmer of hope.
In this process Ye Fan, Pang Bo, who has always been very calm, they are convinced that there is no earth, there are worse than this thing? Then no matter what, but also so fills.
All in front of this boulder for a long time, and finally left, continue to move toward the distant light source forward. rolex daytona It seems not very far away, but go out after more than 500 meters still did not reach the destination, it seems to take the same distance.
Everyone thoughtful, very few people speak, looked very boring, for fear that the last hope that the last trace is also shattered.
Pang Bo forced to kick a piece of gravel at the foot, with a smoke. At that time he was surprised by the color, he noticed that kicked out of the stone seems to be a tile.
"It was tiles!" When picked up the half pieces of broken tiles, he immediately confirmed that it was made of artificial tiles.
Suddenly, a group of people around the up, watch this piece of broken tiles, many people are showing the color of excitement.
"Since there are rubble, there must be a building, this piece of land is living, not just a five - color altar is so simple.
"We have saved!"
"We must be out of danger!"
Pessimistic mood to reduce the joy of the mood a little more, everyone saw the hope of survival.
At the moment, the sky has been dark down, the stars in the sky.
Ye Fan looked at the stars, is a round of fuzzy disk hanging in the horizon, there can be seen in the earth half of the size of the moon, enough to prove that this is not the earth. And in another direction, there is a fist-sized bright stars, much brighter than the average stars, but more than the small moon moon dim, called the stars are too bright, called the moon and too small and dim The
Zhou Yi, Wang Ziwen, Liu Yunzhi standing on the distance, they noticed Ye Fan's move, can not help but watch the sky, when you see two rounds of small moon hanging in the horizon, they suddenly change color.
"This is ... ..." Although already prepared, several people still filled with disappointment.
Affected by these people, other people are looking at the stars, and soon the two rounds of the moon when the fact that the empty suspension.
"How could this be?" A lot of people could not help but screamed up, the last trace of home hope is also shattered, and never see their loved ones, and many female students cry cry, everyone has to understand, at the moment really Away from the earth, can not return.
"Mars ... ... there are two satellites, the equivalent of the earth ... ... see the moon ... ..." Cade to fluent in Chinese to himself, and then quickly said a lot of English, with Li Xiaoman talk The
For decades, some space detectors have been sent back to Earth for a lot of precious information about Mars. The two satellites around Mars are tiny objects, plus the distance from the ground and other factors, if observed in Mars, Phobos look about the size of the equivalent of the moon from the earth to see half of the size. Phobos II will be smaller, but it is brighter than other stars, is a miniature moon.
People who know about Mars after all this, everyone is deeply disappointed, now seems to have no way to go home, and now the task is to find the way to survive.
Has left the five-color altar six hundred meters away from the group that the weak light source near a lot, it seems that five hundred meters away. Everyone no longer delay, continue to move forward.
Under the night sky, breeze blowing, bring the slightest chill.
And traveled more than 100 meters away from the light source closer. And at this time someone screamed out, is a collapsed building, which seems to be an old pavilion, in the years of erosion under the collapse of the.
"Artificially built pavilions, this lonely planet should have human beings, we will be able to find the way to survive."
"Is this really Mars, why is there a human building? Air, temperature, gravity, and so on are not very different from the earth, just like a desert on earth."
Although it is endless disappointment, but the crowd did not despair, they have a lot of doubts.
"We have even seen the dragon corpses, and what are these, maybe this is a special area on Mars."
"There is a magnificent five - color altar, which can lead the nine dragon corpse and the copper coffin, where the seal of God is not impossible.
"If our guess is true, this is only a special area on Mars, then our living space is probably not great."
His words were silent.
"If there is only a small piece of pure land on Mars, then we have any way out !!"
Everyone's mood ups and downs, which is related to their life and death and the future, no one can calm.
"Ah ... ..." A female student suddenly screamed, in the night sky under the extraordinary distant.
"What's the matter?" Everyone discovers and hurried.
"Skull, a skull!" That female students Huarong pale, the body constantly trembling, trembling back.
Just in the collapse of the pavilion is not far away, there are half of the gravel in the white skull exposed, had just been that female students step on the foot, no wonder she would be so frightened.
All male students are gathered up, Pang Bo with the feet from the sand in the kicked out, it is clear that this is an adult skull, do not know how many years, has been almost weathering, bone is no longer smooth, A lot of rough cracks.
And surprising is that its frontal bone has a very regular round hole, can have the thickness of the fingers, like being penetrated by the weapon, the hole is very smooth around.
"It seems that here is full of unknown and variable, although this is bones, is left many years ago, rolex submariner but we still be careful for the better.
Unfamiliar environment, uncertain factors, people have chill.
"What are those in front?"
Hazy night sky, Xingyue is not how bright, only vaguely see the front of a ups and downs of the traces, like a piece of rubble together, rugged, dog staggered.
When approached near, all people are stunned, this turned out to be a ruin, and block in front of a small part, but more vast ruins through the distant.
Ruins, a place of rubble, seems to tell an unknown thing. Night moon, here is particularly quiet, in the past here should be a piece of the magnificent palace, but now it is a bleak scene.
This is a huge ruin, covering a wide area, that solid foundation is all made up of boulders, you can imagine the majestic and vast palace this year.
And that group of light at the end of this piece of ruins, behind a broken wall.
"Are we ... really on Mars, where there was a magnificent palace group?"
"How much manpower is there to do this huge project?"
"What is the reason for this to become a ruin, tall and magnificent buildings all collapsed?"
Everyone almost forgot the fear, in front of this huge ruins so that everyone is amazed, if the moment is really on Mars, it is really incredible.
Ye Fan is very calm and said: "In fact, nothing, we have experienced a lot today, in general, are not supposed to be things, at the moment even if someone told me that this huge ruins is a temple site, I do not Will be surprised.
Pang Bo exclaimed: "Temple site ... ... it is really possible, after all, we have even seen the dragon."
Hear these words, everyone can not help but Yi Zheng, Temple ruins, this may not be absurd!
Light on the front, since the back of the wall gently out of the waves, so there a circle of faint halo, can not tell the hazy and holy.
"What is that?"
The light source in the ancient ruins of the end of the flow, so that the ruins of the rolex daytona remnants of desolate desolate, naturally people feel very mysterious.
"Click", "click", "click" ...
Everyone stepped on the rubble out of the sound, in this empty night sky is very far, passing a seat of the collapse of the palace, and finally through this huge ruins. In front of that road that although the damage to the wall, but also full of four or five meters high, really do not know what the magnificent year.
"Let's see what the light is!"
A pedestrian carefully around the road that a huge broken wall, came to the end of the ruins, suddenly felt a breath of breath of the whole body Shutai head flutter, seems to have a goddess across the void, eye.
Everyone has been completely out of the ruins, appeared in the back of the wall, really see the front of the light source.
In front of fifty meters away, a temple quietly located there, green light Buddha, a little light like beans.
Before the temple, a bodhi old trees vigorous, such as Qiu Long, whole body dry, only two meters away from the ground dotted with five or six green leaves, each piece are crystal clear, green Shuo Shuo, like Jade God jade.
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