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  However, nine dragon corpse there is the mouth of the copper coffin in front of the iron, the general facts in front! All this is a serious violation of common sense, subversion of people's awareness, all people's thinking have been a strong impact. In the case of chaos, Ye Fan a pedestrian did not run away, everyone gathered together until the Jade Emperor calm down, although all fell to the ground, but no major casualties, only a few people bruised his arm only. At the moment, their faces are filled with the shock of the color, in front of this incredible picture so that they will never forget! Nine huge dragon corpse so quietly in front, there is a huge copper coffin that is the impact of human vision, all this shock and mysterious. Everyone can not speak, the hearts of ups and downs, his face covered with shock, panic, fear, fear and other look, it is difficult to calm. Until a long time, Lin Jia was whispered: "We still quickly down the mountain." Everyone has nodded, that should immediately leave here, no one is willing to stay a moment clock. Jade Emperor at the moment the atmosphere of people have chill, why there will be nine dragon corpse pull from the giant coffin? Why landed in Taishan? Even if the facts are in front of people, but also difficult to accept, their hearts are extremely disturbed.

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Every colored earth altar is very simple, engraved with the mark of years, a look that there is endless years, colored earth altar or sealed with jade or sealed stone, above are engraved with difficult to identify the ancient text The Everyone was not surprised, faintly feel that with the dragon corpse and copper coffin may have any relevance. Ye Fan like to see "search odd class" of the ancient books, for the feudal all kinds of people than to know more, the hearts of really shocking, do the ancient three emperors and seventy days of the king really have been in this pocketed? Perhaps the legend is true,or how could there be so many colored round altar. From the text on it, most of them are Oracle, seems to confirm this speculation. Everyone should immediately retreat, but unknowingly attracted, has been around the copper coffin turn half of the circle, fear in the nine large dragon corpse, shocked in the twenty meters long bronze ancient coffin, surprised at the ground Five colored altar. "There seems to be no danger, but this dragon corpse ..." Everyone turned half of the circle, heart scared to diminish, but still feel some uneasy, decided to go down as soon as possible. "Look, there is a giant altar in the central giant pit!" Bronze ancient coffin will be the ground to drop a huge pit, everyone has turned to the other side of the bronze giant coffin, looked down again suddenly exposed shocked.

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"We still hurry to leave here." Ye Fan and Zhou Yi at the same time, urging everyone. Everyone has nodded, it really should not stay for a long time, even if there is endless secret, nor is they now can be explored, next to the nine huge dragon corpse disturbed, and that mouth bronze giant coffin is the hearts of panic. In the crowd will turn away,a female student uttered a scream, at the foot of a large stone rolled into the pit, she also stood unsteady, down to fall. "Be careful!" A male school students eyebrows quickly pulled her, next to several students also quickly shot to help pull her up. The piece was trampled on the boulder, issued a "rumbling" of the rumbling into the pit, and then "bang" sound hit heavily on the five-color altar.

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Ancient bronze giant coffin on the side of the next, there are a lot of copper and green rust, but still can not cover that a piece of blurred bronze engraving, like the ancient gods, and actually with tears. So close to, and even reach out to be touched, so that all people are angry heart, the back are taking cold gas. Which after the endless years of the five-color altar for the ancient ancestors built for the sacrifice and use, is that the ancient emperor can really call what not? At this moment, everyone suddenly felt a bit of desolate and long breath in the flow, people feel agitated. At the moment, nine dragon corpse and copper coffin on the front, is it really a five-color altar is not a success

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Broken sound came again, near those small colored earth altar also have an ancient word shining out, surfaced in the air. Bronze giant coffin around like a star in the swaying Guanghua, in the bloody sunset, especially in the mysterious. Yuhuang top there are some other people, not in the recent chaos to escape the mountain to go, but at the moment to see Ye Fan and others fall into the pit, and see such a strange scene, all fear, scrambling to Down the mountain. In the panic it was falling, the pain of voice, cry for help constantly sounded. At the same time, the mid-air that glittering Guanghua ancient words together, actually gradually formed a huge gossip, a mysterious force shook out.